Dr. Dial graduated from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of North Texas. Obtaining her medical degree in Osteopathy has given her a unique approach to medicine which focuses on seeing the patient as a "whole person" and not just treating symptoms. Dr. Dial's principles begin here and she evaluates each patient and family as a whole. 

​Dr. Deanna Dial is a Psychiatrist in Flower Mound, Texas. She also serves the Dallas and Greater Texas areas through in office and telemedicine appointments. To set up an appointment, contact us today.

About Dr. Deanna Dial in Flower Mound, Tx

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Dr. Deanna Dial is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She is also board certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Preventative Medicine. She completed Adult Psychiatric residency training at UT Southwestern (UTSW) Medical Center in Dallas. She went on to specialize in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry also at UTSW, where she completed training at Children's Medical Center. 

Dr. Dial has worked in various clinical settings to include residential treatment facility, community based mental health clinics and in the emergency room setting.


Dr. Dial treats each patient with a multimodal approach combining psychopharmacological interventions with psychotherapeutic strategies.  In addition to her psychiatric training, she completed courses at the Dallas Psychoanalytic Institute with emphasis on psychodynamic therapy. She also completed courses at UTSW family studies center in Family Therapy furthermore she began and lead group therapy sessions during her training at UTSW. Dr. Dial will work with you to incorporate an integrative approach that addresses diet, lifestyle, exercise and overall wellness to achieve your mental health goals.