Ready to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dial? Fill out the forms below. There is a fee to book an appointment which will be applied to your scheduled meeting. Once you have scheduled a new patient appointment with Dr. Dial, you will receive an email to set up an account on the Patient Portal. This Portal is ONLY viewed by you and Dr. Dial. It is a password specific and secure website that is HIPAA Compliant, which protects your privacy. The Patient Portal will also allow Dr. Dial to send you specific Questionnaires during your care with her, and allow you to access your patient information, appointments and view your account.

Completion of the new patient information prior to the appointment will allow Dr. Dial more time to get to know you and will avoid using your evaluation time to complete the information.

​If you have requested a telepsychiatry session, you will receive an email to setup an account through the Video Conference service. This services ensures all sessions are secure and HIPPA compliant. You will receive detailed instructions on how to properly setup your computer with a webcam and microphone. 

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