We are pleased to offer Telepsychiatry as an extension of our services and 24 hour urgent psych evals.  This allows patients access to the provider when an in-person visit is not an option or inconvenient. This service is currently only available in the state of Texas, however plans to expand to other states is currently underway.

What is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is the delivery of psychiatry care by a real-time HIPPA-compliant videoconference. 

Why are we offering Telepsychiatry?

Our patients are requesting this service. We understand that patients travel for work, school, and pleasure and timely access to the provider is necessary.

Is Telepsychiatry just as effective as in-person visits?

Studies that compare in-person visits versus visits over videoconference are almost unanimous in that they show the near equivalence in terms of accuracy of information being transmitted, accuracy of diagnosis, and patient satisfaction. 

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